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Geohammer G200e Demolition robot

Geohammer G200E electric Demolition robot from Turkey is new innovation that is ready for serial production. New demolition robot has gone through tests and been released for the market during the year 2022.

Development and design of G200E has been based for the customer needs. G200E Demolition robot consist all commonly knew parts those are available worldwide. In aftersales point of view the G200E is simple and easy to operate. Design of the robot including the good features from the competetive models and complete package has got impressive feedback from the first customers.

2500kg weight with 200kg tool in the boom the Geohammer G200E is competetive machine for many industries. Motor in the robot is ABB 30kW 49A.

Outer width of the tracks 1080mm and height can be as low as 1400mm, so G200E Robot can be used very well for inside demolition.

G400E has 3-section arm with 4 meter reach.

Sensitively controllable hydraulic outriggers provide
excellent stability even on the toughest and roughest

Geohammer G200E has specially designed Heat and Impact protection. For hammer hydraulics G200E has special cooling line.

See technical details and don´t hesitate to ask offer from us!


Geohammer, established within Aksay Makina (which has 30+ years of experience in construction equipment trading and technical services) in 2015, offers specialized equipment solutions for the cement, mining, metal processing and demolition industries.


+ Specially designed for extreme conditions
+ Optimum flexibility and reach with segmented boom system
+ Electric or diesel engine option
+ Quick and easy to use, efficient performance
+ Maximum maintenance efficiency and operator safety
+ Smart remote control system
+ Lower investment, operation and maintenance costs compared
to its competitors
+ Quick technical service and spare parts support