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Hydraram HRS demolition shear has been designed for demolition operation to cut steel structures more effective than ever before. The shear has been designed carefully with professional operators in mid Europe. The main advantages for demolition shear are the jaw opening and cutting force against the other steel shears those are typically used in the demolition yards.

HRS demolition shear can be mounted fairly small size of excavator comparing the force of the steel cutter. For 2nd member boom the excavator can be 23-34tn. For 40-50tn excavator HRS fits for high reach booms.

HRS is good option in demolition yard for typical steel shears (Hydraram HSS series), those are developed to be effective in scrap metal terminals. The central of gravity point makes steel shear quite handy in many situations. With these benefits HRS demolition shear can speed up the demolition process and make the projects more cost effective.

The shear is made of durable HARDOX-400® steel. Body of the shear is very strong and jaw steering structure is unique and has been designed to be strong as well. Double cylinder solution provide very high cutting force for the blade cutting point and for the tips of the jaw.


+  Made of durable HARDOX-400® steel.

+  Strong and durable body

+  Interchangeable blades can be easily replaced.

+  Wide jaw opening

+  High cutting force

+  Equipped with a heavy duty double ball bearing swivel head and enhanced rotary moto