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HCS Kombisax

Hydraram HCS combi cutter has been designed to speed up the demolition work with new technology cutting  feature. HCS combi cutter is common choise when the building need to be demolished as quick as possible. Especially HCS demolition tool will be found more often from high reach excavators.
Teeth on the jaws break the concrete with stong power and cutting blades cut the reinforce steels. Tooth design is clever and also strongest concrete blocks break smoothly.
Center of gravity point point is fairly close of rotator. This feature giving opportunity to maximise the equipment size for the excavator. HCS combi cutter is well-balanced tool for high reach excavators.
HCS Combi cutter is good option for wider jaw pulverizers when you looking for the speed to get down the building quicker.
Double cylinder system provide remarkable cutting force. Despite this system, the new technology provide also fast cutting cycle. The cylinder protections are designed to be very strong and overall cutter is almost maintenance free.
HCS combicutter is available with U type jaws, where the teeth are replaced by cutting blades. U type jaw work vell for light scrap and rebars.

Cutter is manufactured by using HARDOX-400® material and designed to have long life cycle in heavy conditions.


+ Lätt utbytbara bett HCC-5v och HCC-27v
tillverkat av HARDOX-400® stål
Utrustad med regenerationsventil som ger möjlighet till snabb agerande
Utrustad med tvålagrad rotationskrets och med effektiverad rotationsmotor.