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Cost effective and very simple incline shear for professional scrap metal recyclers.

The Bonfiglioli line of “Squalo” vertical guillotine shears are the most powerful shear
available in the market. It is the best choice available for processing all kinds of HMS
such as beams, rails, pipe, re-rod, skeleton plate, tanks and other types of heavy

The vertical cut shear model Squalo 3000 is constructed of special steel Hardox 500.
It can be equipped with either diesel engine or electric power according to the
customer preference. It is a mobile and versatile solution able to size metal scrap into
marketable length on site. The unit is fully automatic and controlled primarily by PLC

Thanks to the integrated hydraulic jib it can take material inputs up to approximately
18m in length. This will greatly reduce the need for oxy cutting and ”nibbler” type
shearing in scrap processing operation that are required to size or prep material for
shipment or further processing.

The Squalo 3000 shear is equipped with 4 lifting cylinders that allow it to easily lift
itself onto a goose neck or low-boy trailer.

The shear is equipped with 4 lifting cylinders to move it easily on goose neck or low
boy trailers. The shear blades have 4 cutting edges. Each cutting edge lasts approx.
250/300 hrs (depending on the type of processed material). The same set of shear
blades can be used for additional +/- 1000 working hours after being reconditioned
using a set of shims.

The machine also is equipped with an automatic lubricating system is lubed by a
central grease pump.

The unit will powered by a diesel engine or electric motor or combo motorization
(diesel engine and electric motor), according to the customer’s need.

The crane operator feeds the machine from the top of the charging hopper, the
oscillating ”walking floor” built into the jib assists in moving the scrap to the shear
head. Two lateral compacting rams and a vertical blank holder compress and position
the material to be cut vertically by guillotine shear action of the shear blades powered
by the main hydraulic cutting rams.

Check out technical details and contact us.


+ Movable and easy to install
Diesel or electric
Low fuel consumption
Easy feeding for long materials
Low operational cost
Simple and strong structure
Can process different materials
Cutting force 1550tn!


Length: 10000 mm
Wide: 3000 mm
Height: 3400 mm
Weight: approx. 100 tn


Cutting cycle: 30 s
Remote control: Yes
Capacity: 30 tn/h
Cutting width: 2650 mm
Cutting force: 1550 tn


Minimum cutting piece: 480 mm
Adjustable particle size: 480 / 700 / 920 / 1140 mm
Max. Cutting piece: 317 mm (circle) / 280 mm (square)

Fuel consumption

approx. 35 l/h


Diesel: CAT C13 440HP / Cumming QSC 8,3l
Electric: Electro Adda / Marathon (250 kW)


Hydraulic tank: 3080 l
Hydraulic components: Sauen Danfoss, Bosch Rexroth, Danison Parker


Daily greasing (automatic lubrication system including)
Basic service for the engine
Oil and grease filling

Spare- and wearparts

Turnable cutting blades. 4 cutting edges per blade. Turn approx. every 300h.

Blade last approx. 4 x 300h = 1200h
Possible to use longer with filling parts.

Bolts recommended to change every 2000h.