Biomass measuring / analyzing and material handling solutions

MINIMUM agent – Bioenergy solutions

At Minimum Agent, we provide equipment to measure the volume from the process and solutions to analyze moisture content. In stationary projects we provide consulting services and equipment with our partners.

You can´t manage what you don´t measure

Minimum Agent have been focus in Bioenergy industry for the equipment those can provide important data. Optical Belt Scale and Humimeters provide important data of biomass that can make process more cost effective.
Our product portfolio cover some excavator tools for bioenergy sector. Different sorting and material handling grabs, but also special cutters to size the particles to better size for grinders or shredders.


Minimum Oü is a recognized supplier for bioenergy operators in Scandinavia. Our solutions are widely in use Finland and Sweden where bioenergy industry is quite developed.


Minimum Oü is unwavering in its dedication to upholding the highest HSQE standards. Our policy reflects our profound commitment to the health, safety, quality, and environmental well-being of everyone directly or indirectly affected by our activities. We regard HSQE management as an integral aspect of our operations, underscoring our genuine concern for both people and our planet.

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