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Hydraram BV is high quality elite shear for scrap handling and demolition. Shear has durable body that secure the cylinder, well designed cutting shape in the jaws and components those used are the highest quality as possible. Whole combination that Hydraram HSS shear is about, provides very cost efficient tool for professional operators.

Hydraram has became strong brand in demolition and scrap recycling industries with references around the world. The shear dont really need any specific service. It is very important that greasing will be handled well. Fixed shears has usually greasing lines for automatic lubrication solution. Blade design works really well for different materials and shear is service-friendly equipment.

Shears are available with rotator or with fixed adapter to the boom. What ever customer require. In demolition sites the rotator version is handy, but in terminal for the scrap handling fixed type of shear allow to use bigger shear in 1st member booms.

Hydraram shears has regeneration valve to speed up the cutting cycle. That solution also allow fairly small excavator to provide needed oil flow and pressure for cutter.

Hydraram can provide short delivery times for the shears, because in normal situation some units are in the stock all the time. Be sure you ask offer once you looking for high quality professional shear!


+  Made of durable HARDOX-400® steel.

+  Cylinder has covered well by the body of shear and visibility for work is great

+  ast cutting cycle with regeneration valve, that allow fairly small excavator to provide needed oil flow and pressure.

+  Special blade on the tip of the beak, makes welding unnecessary.

+  Interchangeable blades with four cutting edges.

+  Cost effective and well designed cutting technic

+  Service-friendly and easy maintenance if needed

+  Cutting force is high!

+  Equipped with a heavy duty double ball bearing swivel head and enhanced rotary motor.