Demolition and recycling tools


At Minimum Agent, we provide equipment and demolition tools for heavy demolition.

Versatile tools and bespoke systems

Our versatile range of tools are used in different parts demolition projects. Typical heavy demolition operators but also offshore demolition operators unig our equipment around the world.

Continoues developing and close relationships with end users keeping us busy to find optimal equipment for each different process. Demolition industry developing fast at the moment and cost effectiveness can be challenge for many companies. Our portfolio including proven and reliable solutions to be able to get projects done in time.


Minimum Agent working with well knew manufacturers and all our offered tools and solutions are widely used all over the world. Our biggest market areas are Scandinavia, Baltics and Australia.


Minimum Oü is unwavering in its dedication to upholding the highest HSQE standards. Our policy reflects our profound commitment to the health, safety, quality, and environmental well-being of everyone directly or indirectly affected by our activities. We regard HSQE management as an integral aspect of our operations, underscoring our genuine concern for both people and our planet.

Purkukoura, lammutushaarats, demolition grab, DEMOLERINGSGRIP
pulveri, pulveroija, pulverixer, PULBRISTAJA, PULVERISERARE
betonisaksi, betongsax, betoonilõikurid, concrete cutter
pulbristaja, pulveriserare, pulveroija, pulveri, pulverizer
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