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Equipment sales

Minimum Agent is selling some equipment straight for end clients and some of the brands are sold through dealer networks. It depending the manufacturers and territories how the brands are available through Minimum Agent.

Private agent services

Private agent services for bigger operators (Worldwide). Support the operator to make the most cost effective investment decisions, taking note of long term business strategy in the operation.

Business consulting

Business consulting services for manufacturers (Export networks/sales, business strategy, subcontractor networks, end client needs/requirements)

Project consulting

Project consulting around the recycling and energy industry, based for the process and material handling.

Example of project consulting

  • We are able to specify different solutions to reach the needed results and calculate estimated budget prices.
    We have knowledge of process equipment manufacturers, we use these as equipment specialists. We compare between different pieces of equipment and recommend the most optimal suppliers.
  • Once the scopes are specified and different equipment recommendations are made, we can design the 3D models to get interfaces between the equipment and make it fit together. (This stage is optional but recommended)
    This stage can be note of needed space and other requirements.

All this knowledge is based on wide ranging experience and relationships with manufacturers around the world. Operators from around the world also provide very important experience and knowledge. 

“Why design something that is already done with good results”

Our special skills

Understanding the operator’s and manufacturer’s business models + understanding and staying in updated of different ways to process a variety of materials in different environments. Technical, mechanical and electrical skills brings the design point of view to be able to specify reliable solutions that can be effective in “real world”.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and lets see what how we can help!