Material handling and decommission

MINIMUM Agent – Official supplier for offshore operations

At Minimum Agent, we provide both equipment and specialized consulting services tailored for the offhore industry.

Subsea / Offshore tools and bespoke systems

Our offshore subsea equipment is specifically designed for underwater use and challenging conditions. These adaptable tools can be deployed by either remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) or divers. They can be positioned both horizontally or vertically using certified lifting points, ensuring adaptability even in the most demanding scenarios.

Our shears come equipped with a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, suitable for a variety of materials including different types of steel, cables, and for use in scrap-cutting operations. They deliver rapid and efficient cuts across diverse materials, irrespective of size or thickness. Each shear undergoes rigorous testing on different materials in our factory. Additionally, trial cuts can be arranged during the project phase. We also offer a pedestal bracket with the shears, allowing them to be mounted as a stationary tool on vessels. This bracket provides a secure means of storing the equipment onboard or maintaining it in a fixed position.

We offer a range of demolition tools, including concrete cutters and pulverizers, specifically designed for underwater use on concrete materials. These tools can be operated using excavators, and they can also be remotely operated and suspended via wire.

Our material handling grabs cater to a broad spectrum of lifting needs. Whatever your lifting requirement, we have a solution.


Minimum Oü is a recognized supplier for decommissioning projects in Western Australia, specifically for oil & gas field decommissions. We also serve in a consulting capacity, offering specialized flexipipe processing equipment as custom solutions.

We have supplied numerous subsea demolition equipment units for operations involving excavators.


Minimum Oü is unwavering in its dedication to upholding the highest HSQE standards. Our policy reflects our profound commitment to the health, safety, quality, and environmental well-being of everyone directly or indirectly affected by our activities. We regard HSQE management as an integral aspect of our operations, underscoring our genuine concern for both people and our planet.

offshore oil rig platform gulf from aerial view
minimum offshore subsea decommission