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Minelli Srl MPV MPOS polygrabs with horizontal cylinders working well in different cranes and with the material handling machines where has limited space in vertically. Polygrab itself is good type when handling recycling and scrap materials.

Grab sizes varies from 120l up to 700l

High quality cylinders provide the reliability in any kind of environment.

Please contact us, so we can advise to choose correct size of grab for the machine!

Download the brochure and check technical details of the polygrabs. Minelli grabs are made for last and are proven choise by professional operators around the world! Minelli SRL Polygrabs are competitive against any grabs in the market with the quality and reliability.

Minelli SRL

Minelli SRL factory is located in Bergamo, (Northen Italy). Factory is specified to manufacture and design the highest quality grabs and lifting equipment for different material handling. Cost effectiveness and quality of welding has been maximized by production line that including also robot welding units. Factory using high quality SSAB steels.

Very high cylinder technology is one of the key figures why Minelli grabs and lifting equipment are reliable. Equipment are manufactured 100% in Minelli SRL workshop. 100% customer satisfaction tells the good customer service and cost effective equipment. The brand is not that known yet but will be one of the top brands in the future.