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Steelwrist automatic quick coupler sq fpl

Change your tool quickly and connect hydraulic with quick coupler.

Advantage of Qplus™ technology is that you can get high flow rates for your tools and make your work more effective.

With Steelwristin SQ Auto Connection System you can change tools in minutes.

New models SQ90 and SQ50


SQ are available different models. Weld-on-adapter (WOA) or with connection plate. Bracket is available as low model and high model. WOA adapter is useful when you want to weld the bracket straight to your equipment. With connection plate factory can provide bolt pattern, so installation is easy.

See photos and get idea of differet models. Standard brackets with bottom plate including the hydraulic block where you can connect the hoses. Y-type block is available that is commonly used with hammers, because with Y-block you get to connect outlet line to case drain line as well.


+ No broken hoses
+ Less leaks
+ No hanging hoses
+ Always correct tool
+ Tilt rotator can be drop down easily
+ Safe and tool change can be dont without jumping out from cabin
+ Open-S standard fits together with other brand quick couplers
+ Patented safe FPL Front pin lock system that make sure the tool cannot drop down.