Minimum Oü is Estonian company, that working worldwide with different projects. Minimum Oü as also called Minimum Agent following the philosophy to combine the best manufacturers with the most professional operators around the world. We are looking for to offer our knowledge for both parties to find out the most cost effective solution that everyone can be satisfied in long term.

Minimum Agent has dealer- and service networks in Scandinavia where Minimum represent some manufacturers. The biggest customers will be handled by Minimum Agent that supplier chain can be effective and service as high quality as possible.

Minimum Agent were found to improve export sales for manufacturers. The first years Minimum Agent were focused only for few customer projects, but after we realized the concept can be copied worldwide, the business has been growing. Satisfied customers and successfull projects around the world has been important to prove the important benefits we can provide. Lots of operators has got success full investments those has increase the effectiveness and business operations overall.

Strong knowledge of different industries, business styles and cultures are advantages for us. We are easy going cooperator who really care the cooperation. Minimum Agent has good technical understanding of different solutions and aftersales support has been very good for all our customers.

We develop our business concept all the time, but main thing is to be able to do every project as good as possible.

Please go through our product range we represent and if you have any questions or needs for your business, dont hesitate to contact us and check if we would have already the answer for you.