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Dust handling systems

Dust handling equipment can be used in various places. Product portfolio has been developed to be cost effective and as simple as possible for the operator.

WLP dust handling equipment are strong and designed for demolition as well as material handling terminal requirements. Equipment been used also in ports.

Dust handling system can be optimized and adjusted by water pumps and motors. Integrated automation provide more versatility for standard operation. Anti freeze system is an option and works really well in Scandinavian weather conditions.

The manufacturer WLP is located in Northen Italy. Factory is focused only for dust handling systems. WLP are well knew of high quality and easy operational equipment. Standard models can be find from the catalogue, but for terminal requirements we are able to specify and made tailor made dust handling plan.

Equipment are divided for three different categories:

1. Light
2. Heavy
3. Special

All different size of dust handling cannons are available with or without trailer.

Please check out the brochures!

Light: Demolitor 10, Demolitor 40, Demolitor 50


Demolitor 10
Demolitor 40
Demolitor 50

Heavy: WLP 500, WLP 718, WLP 800

WLP 500
WLP 718
WLP 800


WLP 718 Arm
WLP 718 Tank
WLP 1200