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HCC Concrete cutter

Hydraram HCC Concrete cutters and HCS Combi cutters are designed for heavy duty work in demolition industry. With these special tools can be demolished thick walls, floors and piles with reinforced steels.

The shape of jaws has been designed for concrete elements. Some of the jaw models has different blade types for reinforced steels, those can be cut during the primary demolition process.

HCC and HCS cutters are used in primary demolition to speed up the demolition process. Concrete cutters and Combi cutters gets more popular in professional demolition sites to maximise cost efficiency of whole project.

Double cylinder solution provides the strong cutting force to the root and the tip of the jaws. Teeth and shape of jaws are designed together with professional operators to found out very efficient demolition equipment. Hydraram HCC and HCS cutters are used by the biggest demolition operators in the world. The quality and reliability are the key elements for this elite demolition tool by Hydraram.

Cutters are manufactured by HARDOX-400® material. Long life cycle and low service cost are advantages against the others. Hydraram can provide short delivery time, because normally some cutters will be in the stock ready for new customers.


+  Interchangeable teeth can be easily replaced. Available on the models HCC-5V up to HCC-27V

+  Made of durable HARDOX-400® steel.

+  Equipped with a rapid flow valve for extremely fast work cycle

+  Cost effectiveness

+  Cutting force

+  Equipped with a heavy duty double ball bearing swivel head and enhanced rotary motor.