Recycling waste handling tools and material handling solutions

MINIMUM Agent – recycling & waste handling specialist

At Minimum Agent, we provide both equipment and specialized consulting services tailored for the recycling and waste handling industry.

Bulk material handling and recycling waste

Bulk material handling consist mostly all different materials for example wood, minerals, concrete, plastic, metals, non-ferrous and what ever recycling sector can have.
We are working with different manufacturers, but stationary solutions are mostly offered together with TB Solutions Oü.

Typical processes are Sizing that means shredding or Grinding, Screening / Separation, Sorting and dosing / feeding / transport.

Product portfolio cover wide range of versatile material handling tools for excavators, cranes and material handlers.

Minimum Agent is also experienced to supply different material handling solutions for energy sector:

  • Material receiving
  • Sizing & separation
  • Fuel feeding
  • Ash handling


Minimum agent have been supplying lots of different equipment for different material processes:

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Plastic
  • Metals & Non-ferrous
  • Tyres
  • C&D – Construction and demolition waste
  • SCPW – Separately collected packaging waste
  • Paper & OCC – Waste & old corrugated cardboard
  • RDF/SRF – Refuse Derived / Solid Recovered Fuel
  • MSW – Municipal Solid Waste
  • C&I – Commercial and Industrial Waste
Special projects we have had in ports and terminals to load and unload transport vehicles. Market area is worldwide.


Minimum Oü is unwavering in its dedication to upholding the highest HSQE standards. Our policy reflects our profound commitment to the health, safety, quality, and environmental well-being of everyone directly or indirectly affected by our activities. We regard HSQE management as an integral aspect of our operations, underscoring our genuine concern for both people and our planet.


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