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Hydraram demolition / sorting grabs are manufactured in Netherland. The shape and structure of the grab has been designed to be versatile in different material handling and demolition jobs. Very strong and fully covered body guarantee high availability and long life cycle for the grab. The manufacturer and designers understand the work in the field and grab has been optimized to meet requirements of professional operators. Hydraram Grabs are one of the elite brands for professional demolition operators.

There are two different models available of the claws. Also the teeth are available on request.

In demolition sector the Hydraram as brand is quite common. More and more the biggest operators in Europe using the Hydraram HDG serie grabs. There are 22 models available up to +200tn excavator class.

The grabs are available with and without rotator. Standard grabs comes with bolt pattern plate, where can be installed any type of adapter.

Hydraram provide as short delivery time as possible. Usually there are always models available in the stock.

More details can be read from the technical brochures.


+  The grabs and cylinders are fully manufactured in Hydraram factory (Netherland)

+  All hydraulic components are fully integrated, thus protected for damage.

+  Hydraulic cylinders with safety valve and end position damping.

+  Increased grip strength with only four bearing pins.

+  Pivots are sealed by Metall Seals®

+  Hardened and chromed bearing pins.

+  Easily accessible lubrication points.

+  Easily and quickly replaceable blades.

+  Closed and dustproof reinforced swivel head.

+  2 rotary engines with two-speed from HDG-88R and 4 gears from model HDG-640R. This makes a better distribution of forces to the drive unit, and a higher torque.

+  Equipped with grab shells, bent and pressed from Hardox® plates, with oval holes.