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Hydraram FX- and FX-PRO series: maximum performance and production, minimal investment and maintenance.

Our Engineers and Designers believe that hydraulic breakers have to be powerful and the construction has to be simple. That is the reason why Hydraram hammers have few moving parts and the construction is designed for easy and simple maintenance and repair. That has been the reason for satisfied customers.

Hydraram FX hydraulic hammers are optimal tools for heavy duty. Professional operators using hammers in many different situations. Very high impact force is reason why many customers has been chosen this hammer. Hydraram hammers has usually bigger pressure accumulator and that is reason for the power and effectiveness.

Our philosophy is to offer a complete breaker with full options at low cost. That is why our breakers are delivered standard with:
– Sound and Vibration proofed housing
– Air Connection for under water demolition
– Connection for central lubrication

14 models from the FX-series are available for excavators from 0.8 to 100 tons. 22 models are available from the FX-PRO series for 0.5 to 150 ton excavators.

Normally delivery times are short, because we use to keep hammers in the stock

More details can be read from the technical brochures.


+  Reliability and life cycle (Less moving parts)

+  User friendly

+  Very cost effective

+  Impact force

+  Delivery time

+  Pro models able to equip with underwater application.