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MINELLI MPV Polygrabs vertical cylinders

MPV PH = < 24 tn Material handler
MPV FH = + 24 tn Material handler & port cranes & industrial grabs
MPV FHF (heavy) = +24 tn Material handler

MPV polygrabs or orangepeelgrabs are known by many different terms. The grabs with vertical cylinders are the most common type of grabs in many industries where loading need to cost effective.

MPV PH grabs are designed for smaller material handlers, but MPV PH fits perfectly up to 24tn machines. MPV FH models are designed for +24tn machines and there are not any really limits for the material handler size.

Body of the polygrab is robust and at the sametime very stable. Cylinders are powerful and well covered. FHF grabs have even more effective cylinders, where oil flow has been designed to be faster with a bit stronger cylinder covers. Fingers of the polygrabs are made also by Hardox and designed for heavy working conditions.

Polygrabs are available with 4, 5, 6 or 8 fingers. Longer material particles are easier to handle with 4, 6 or 8 finger grabs.

The most common material handler grabs are 550/5, 600/4, 800/5 and 800/6.

Minelli Srl using Indexator rotators in the grabs.

MPV polygrabs are available with integrated magnet. MPL EL model serie can be find from different product sector. Polygrab with integrated magnet can be used to lift ligh scrap and it is very handy to clean loading areas.

Minelli SRL

Minelli SRL as manufacturer has been focused for different lifting equipment. Equipment are manufactured completely in Minelli SRL factory, including cylinders.

High quality manufacturing and quality steel provide excellent equipment with long lifecycle. Steel supplier is SSAB. Customer satisfaction is very high for Minelli products all over the world.

Factory is located in Italy, Brescia area near by Iseo lake. Area is well knew as location for many different factories in different industries. Minelli Srl history has started already decades ago and brand is growing all the time worldwide.