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HMG hydraulic magnet

Hydraram HMG hydraulic magnets are developed to meet demolition industry requirements. HMG serie magnets have the strongest magnet generators with shock absorbers and body that can be used in heavy conditions.

HMG hydraulic magnets made for picking up steel particles from concrete after pulverizing. HMG magnets are available with or without teeth. T- model with teeth is great tool to dig the concrete pile and find the steel particles.

Magnet power has been designed for demolition work and power has been optimized for the size of magnet plate. HMG magnets can be used also in waste recycling and bigger models works well with loading purposes in scrap metal recycling industry.

We use to keep some magnets in the stock to provide short delivery time.

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+ Magnet generator

+ Strong structure

+ Magnet power

+ Designed for demolition requirements

+ Strong teeth

+ Square shape

+ Service free and easy to use

+ Every unit tested in the factory

+ Delivery time!